I believe strongly in making scientific results legible and actionable, and making the scientific process accessible and inclusive. Here are some of my teaching, mentoring, and outreach activities, and I am always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve.


This spring, I will be adjunct faculty in the Department of Botany at Connecticut College. I am designing and serving as instructor of record for the course:

At Yale, I have been a Teaching Fellow for undergraduate and graduate level courses:

I am always looking to incorporate inclusive and evidence-based pedagogical approaches in my teaching, and I am currently completing a Certificate of College Teaching Preparation through the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning.

I have also developed some open-source resources for teaching computational skills in ecology, which you can access on my Github.


At Boston University I had the opportunity to supervise, train, and mentor several undergraduate and high school students including through the RISE and GROW programs.

At Yale, I have worked with undergraduate students as an independent study instructor through Earth and Planetary Sciences, an internship advisor in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Chemical & Environmental Engineering, and a senior thesis advisor in the School of the Environment

I have also had the opportunity to work with and mentor amazing students through programs including the Ingalls Field Ecology Program, the Harvard Forest REU, the Pathways to Science Program and the National Student Leadership Conference.

Sci Comm & Media

I am currently a member of the Peabody Museum Speakers Bureau, an outreach lecture program that provides training in public science communication and offers presentations to the greater New Haven community. I also do several K-12 classroom visits each semester through the Skype a Scientist program.

Here is a selection of other press/media featuring my work:


I work with a number of organizations working to make science and academia more inclusive, just, and socially impactful, including:


Ecology is a team effort and I work with people and data from a number of research networks including: